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Wedding Cake Ideas In Colorado Springs

Some of our favorite cakes to make here at Icing on the Cake are wedding cakes. We love how so much detail can go into one of these cakes. We have made a countless number of cakes for people around Colorado Springs with each cake coming with a unique design.

But what are you going to do when finding a wedding cake? There are many wedding cake ideas in Colorado Springs that you can consider. We at Icing on the Cake will help you with producing any of these cakes no matter what your interests might be. It is through our work that we will assist you in producing a cake that you are bound to love.

Wedding Cake Tiers?

You don’t have to stick with just one cake flavor throughout the entire cake. Having multiple tiers with different cake flavors on each one is great as it produces a beautiful and detailed layout. You can get these tiers prepared with fondant or icing in different colors that match up with their flavors.

You can get four or five tiers on your cake if desired. If you have full control over how many tiers you want to use, so think about what you will get out of this when getting something attractive prepared.

Wedding Cake Embellishments

The design of your wedding cake can entail more than just a fashionable icing layout or even that famous piece on the top of the bride and groom together. You can add extra embellishments onto your wedding cake if you wish.

You can add chocolate shavings or pieces around your cake if you wish. You also have the option to get cookies, fresh fruit, or other attractive items added around your cake as you wish. The versatility of your cake makes it something that people at a wedding will truly marvel in amazement over.

Wedding Cake Special Flavorings

You have the option to add one of many flavorings to your cake if you wish. You can stick with traditional vanilla or chocolate flavorings, but the options you have to work with are all extensive. You can add fresh fruit into the cake through a special filling, for instance. A small bit of flavored liqueur can also be added onto your cake. The options you have for producing a great cake are extensive and will give you something you are bound to love having at your wedding.

Floral Wedding Cake Accents Are Great

Real flowers are often used on many wedding cakes. People use these to make their cakes all the more beautiful. But as you use those flowers, you would have to watch for how well they are laid out. The flowers would have to be cleaned and laid out around the outside of the cake in spots where they would be easily visible at. The good news is that your floral accents can add a good design to your cake that will make it immediately memorable no matter what you wish to get out of such accents. Be sure you see how well these are laid out and that you have a clear idea on hand for making those parts of your cake stand out.

What About the Wedding Cake Theme?

Your wedding might come with an intriguing theme. Your cake can be designed to fit along with that theme. For instance, you can produce a cake that features a fondant icing with blue tones if you are going to have a beach wedding. The shape of the cake could be laid out to relate to the theme as well. This can entail a beach ball shape or palm tree design for that wedding cake for a beach theme. The options you have to utilize are extensive and will give you great ways to enjoy your cake and to show off the sense of thought or creativity that you want to express.

Talk with us at Icing on the Cake if you need help with producing a beautiful wedding cake. We work with all wedding cake ideas in Colorado Springs, so be ready to share your ideas with us. We will surely give you a solution for your cake that you are bound to love. Besides, your cake should be just as unique as the wedding ceremony you are hosting.

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