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A wedding cake just might be the most important type of cake that you could ever order for a special occasion. You will have to not only look at how well a wedding cake can be designed but also see how the cake is laid out and that you have something that fits the desires everyone at your event holds.

At Icing on the Cake, we offer great wedding cake design solutions people in Colorado Springs can trust. Check out our great layouts and you will see why we are one of the top groups for wedding cake design Colorado Springs couples have trusted for years.

Contact Us About Your Vision

We will start working with you by looking into the vision you have for producing a quality wedding cake. We will talk with you about your efforts and plans for producing an outstanding cake. Just talk with us about what you want to get out of the cake or the symbolic points you want to highlight. You might have ideas for how a cake should be reflective of your bond with someone. We can figure out a design based on your values. You can be as specific or abstract with us as you want when planning out your cake design.
After figuring out what you want to do with your cake, we can plan our efforts for getting your idea to come to life. We want to give you the best cake possible thanks to the strong work we will put into getting it ready and making it outstanding and distinct in its overall look.

Planning the Right Materials

The things we can use for your cake can vary based on your needs. You can work with a traditional icing cover for your cake or a more dynamic fondant with a flat and colorful look. You can also ask for specific fillings to go into your cake. We work with many fruit fillings in particular.

You even have the option to ask for a cake with a specific flavor layout. This could include something that features three or four flavors in one spot. Whatever the case may be, we can produce an outstanding arrangement that you will love to show off at your wedding.

Create a Good Theme

The theme you use for a wedding cake can entail anything you want to get out of it. It could include the colors of the school you went to or maybe a layout featuring a vehicle or something else relating to a hobby of value. You can talk with us about any theme you wish to establish and we will produce a cake that highlights this important point and shows off your love for someone special in your life.

Don’t Forget Decorative Accents

We can also produce various special accents to go around your cake to establish a fancy and unique look. These accents will fit in perfectly with the theme you wish to establish for your cake.

Some of our prior designs have included floral buds, leaves and many other things. We can create realistic-looking blooms and items that will go all around your entire cake. These will add a fine look to your cake that makes it all the more memorable and outstanding.
A personalized topper can be added to the top part of the cake too. We can craft various unique toppers that can be displayed anywhere in your home after the wedding. You can get anything that features a fashionable look all around. Whatever you find, you will get something that has an intriguing look depending on what might be reflective of your interests.

Take a look at our website to get an idea of what we have done with wedding cakes in the past. You will notice through our site that we have made many outstanding cakes that feature appealing layouts and patterns. These designs include some fascinating looks that add to the quality of a cake and especially express your love for someone important.

Our team at Icing on the Cake will give you the best wedding cake design Colorado Springs has ever seen. You will love how your cake will come out and how it will come with an amazing taste that you will always remember. You might be surprised at what you will find when you see what we have to offer.

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