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At first glance, pies may taste and look complex, but in reality they are an accumulation of patience, thoughtful cooking techniques, loads of flavor and love by the bakers. The heartwarming pumpkin and custard pies make perfect companions for your big occasions. Buying a pie comes with challenges of its own, the customers need to know the type, style and the flavor of the pie they want and need to pair that up with the right texture and baking to give best results. Icing on the Cake takes care of all your concerns and queries and deliver the best homemade pies in Colorado Springs, made out of fresh ingredients and the most experienced bakers in the industry. Let us take a closer look at all the factors you should consider before buying a delicious dessert for your special occasion. 

Pie Size Matters

The first and foremost factor which the customers should consider is the size of the pie. Whether you want an old fashioned big hearty pot pie or the new fancy ones which come with single servings and are perfect for quick bites in all celebrations. Icing on the Cake takes utmost care that your pies are of perfect size and are baked using the right containers. The big sized pies often get sloppy and moist but our experienced bakers make sure that the pies are customized according to customer needs and are baked using special techniques to accommodate all the requirements. 

Pre Baked or Freshly Baked Pies?

The second question that determines the quality of a pie is the baking technique used during the preparation. Many bakers love to pre bake the pie in order to save some time but in this whole process, they forget the fact that pre baking can lead to a hard crust and chewy dough which can ruin the whole essence of the dessert. Icing on the Cake makes sure that all our pies are freshly baked, to give them a natural soft texture and preserve all the juicy and aromatic flavors resulting in the best pies in Colorado Springs. 

The Right Pie Spices

The choice of spices can pay a huge role in deciding the flavor and quality of a pie. The ground spices and the pumpkin hot spice mixes make perfect companions for a hot, hearty pie. Icing on the Cake makes sure that all the spices used in our products are fresh and prepared at the store, to preserve that essence and extra flavor for a perfect pie. 

Sweet or Spicy Pie?

Pies are available in wide variety of flavors ranging from spicy heartwarming pumpkin pies to the sweet delicious custard and coconut pies. Customers should decide on the type of the pie they want for the occasion and then proceed on with flavors and add-ons. If you are planning for a celebration and can't decide on the desserts then a nice custard pie paired along with coconut dust is all you need. We here at Icing On The Cake offer our clients with the widest variety of pies ranging from coconut, blueberries, pumpkin and lot more exciting flavors to choose from. 

Choice of Pie Icing

Icing on top of a pie can essentially make or break the deal. You need to be absolutely sure about the type and flavor of icing which goes on top of your pie. You can choose from the classic lemongrass icing or go for a fancy whipped cream mix with sparkles to enhance the flavor of the pie.  Icing on the Cake also offers special icing blends combining the freshness of herbs and that fluffy flavor of cream to create the best pies in Colorado Springs. 

Pie Final Touch

Our experienced bakers always say that a pie without whipped cream can turn out to be a turn off for many customers. We make sure that the pie is finished off with slightly sweetened whipped cream. The customers can also go for flavors like marshmallow, meringue and minty sprinkles to enhance the flavors. 

If you are looking for a delicious heartwarming pie in Colorado Springs, then Icing on the Cake is the perfect match for all your needs. Our years of experience combined with excellent customer reviews will surely brighten up you day.

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