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Groomsmen Cakes Colorado Springs

Wedding season is here and most of you must be wondering as to what exactly is a Groomsmen Cake aka Groom's cake. Like most of the popular wedding customs and traditions, the Groom's cake is also included in the long list of traditional wedding gift ritual in which the bride offers her love and affection in form of a cake to the groom. If you are planning to have a Groom's cake at your wedding, then the tips below would surely help you to take the right decision. 

Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Tradition 

The tradition of presenting a Groom's cake started in Victorian, England where a custom was started in which the bride would present a small cake to the groom based on his interests which is then sliced and distributed among the guests after the main wedding cake cutting ceremony. Traditionally the cake is meant to be simple, filled with flavor to supplement the wedding cake. It is believed that if a girl keeps a slice of Groom's cake under her pillow, then she would dream of her future husband but we highly recommend you to eat your slice as there are so many delicious flavors to choose from. 

Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Theme 

The most important and the first step towards a great Groomsmen cake in Colorado Springs is selecting a theme which would go with your wedding arrangements as well impress the groom. We here at Icing on The Cake offer highly customized cakes offering top sports designs, casino themes and military services layouts. While deciding the color and texture of the cake, keep in mind the wedding venue, your outfit and the overall decorations in order to make it as the center of attention. The Groom's cake should be an integral part of your wedding and not merely a side show for all the guests. 
Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Size
Generally, the Groomsmen cake is small in size and is presented after the main wedding cake. Ideally, a two-tier Groom's cake is enough to serve 70-80 guests. You can even go for a stacked cake in which the tiers are not separated and are stacked over each other using different flavors of icing and cream. You can even customize the size of the cake according to the theme and a three-tier cake would be ideal if your guest list is around 120. 

Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Tasting

The most challenging aspect of ordering a Groom's cake is the tasting ceremony and choosing the right balance of flavors between the wedding cake and the Groom's cake. Our team at Icing on The Cake, Colorado Springs help all their clients to choose the right combination of flavors from our wide variety and to maintain a subtle balance between the two cakes. The customers should always look out for free tasting sessions offered by the bakers where they can get free samples and choose the right texture and flavor for the cake. This would help the customer to analyze the abilities of the baker which can be used to generate the perfect desired results for the grand day. 

Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Frosting

The choice of frosting or icing could make or break the deal for the Groomsmen cake. It is highly important that the customers choose the right kind of frosting keeping in mind the weather conditions and the temperature of the wedding venue. If you are having a wedding in summers or planned for an outside grand wedding, then say a big no to options like buttercream, meringue and sour whipped cream. These kinds of icings can melt and spoil the whole texture of the cake. You can opt for summer icing options or a fondant which will give a silky-smooth texture to the cake and won't even require refrigeration. 

Groomsmen Cake Colorado Springs Pricing 

Last but not the least, pricing out you cake can help you to save on extra expenses and can give you a rough idea about the cost before buying a cake. Most of the cakes are priced per slice where a slice can vary between $1 to $17 a slice. The complex cakes with fondant and extra flavors and fillings can range between $5 to $9 a slice. Garnishing the cake with fresh fruits and flowers would not only cut down the cost, but would also give it a fresh refreshing feel.

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