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Cupcakes make the world go around, for all the children and adults. We all love the subtle flavor and the fluffiness of cupcakes which are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Their perfect quality and delightful flavor makes them an ideal dessert for all social celebrations. We all know how to choose the right cake for the big occasion but when it comes to cupcakes, there are quite a few factors which you should keep in mind before making a purchase. Let us take a closer look at all the factors which influence the taste and flavor of these delicious treats. 

Cupcake Fluffiness

The first and foremost thing that makes an average standard cupcake stand out of the crowd is its consistency and fluffiness. The cake consistency should be closely monitored and the surface should be bouncy to the touch. We here at Icing On The Cake make sure that all our customers get the best flavor and texture in their cupcakes. We use the freshest ingredients paired with vibrant homemade flavors which result in the most delicious cupcakes in Colorado Springs. 

Cupcake Moistness

Another factor which makes cupcakes great is the right amount of moisture that gives them a nice, gooey feel. Our experienced bakers at Icing On The Cake make sure that the customers get the best cupcakes which are baked to perfection with help of our latest technology and secret recipes, which will leave you begging for more. 

Choosing the Right Cupcake Flavor

Cupcakes are available in hundreds of flavors ranging from the good old vanilla to the new fruity mix like kiwi and blackberries. It is always advised to run through a round of cupcake testing before buying big orders, as it will help you to decide on the flavor of the cupcake you'd want for your event and whether or not it goes well with the overall menu. Icing On The Cake offer its customers with a wide range of flavors which are extracted from fresh ingredients and brings the best out in our desserts. The customers can even mix two or three flavors together to create a new surprise element that is totally delicious. 

Cupcake Trays or Cups?

Another factor to consider while buying cupcakes is whether you prefer liners or cups during the baking process. The liners will often leave a small layer of cupcake bottom on the sheet while the cups are perfect for sliding off the whole cupcake, making it easy for consumption. You can always ask the baker to customize the style and technique in which the cupcakes are baked to suit your individual needs. 

Choice of Cupcake Icing

The choice of icing can make or break the flavor of the cupcake. The customers can choose from the regular soft melt icing or they can also opt for hard and fluffy icing, which gives the cupcake a strong solid flavor making it perfect for desserts. Icing On The Cake offers a wide variety of fresh icing options ranging from lemongrass, sprinkled vanilla and candy flavors to enhance the flavor and texture of your cupcakes. If you are catering outside during summers, then you should choose an icing which is hard and can stand the heat to void melting, which may spoil the flavor. You can tell the quality of our cupcakes by tasting them and by the fact that they melt as soon as you take a bite full of flavor and deliciousness. 

Cupcake Add-Ons

A cupcake is incomplete unless or until it is decorated with delicious edible flowers, sprinkles or syrups. Icing On The Cake takes special care while baking cupcakes that each one of our delicious treats are filled with flavor and love making them the best cupcakes in Colorado Springs. We offer all kinds of customization, in terms of decorations and enhanced flavors by introducing our homemade candy and sprinkles. We also offer fresh fruit toppings and edible flower art to add that extra sparkle to the cupcakes, making them an ideal dessert for all occasions. 

If you are looking for a delicious and moist cupcake that is loaded with love and flavor, then Icing On The Cake Colorado Springs is the one stop for all your needs. Our excellent customer service and years of experience will surely impress you.

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