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Best Dessert in Colorado Springs

We take pride in making great cakes all around Colorado Springs. There is much more to what we have to offer than just cakes. We offer the best dessert in Colorado Springs as we work on many great foods for all tastes.

Not only do we offer great types of desserts, but we also have them in many appealing flavors. These are designed with exquisite tastes that are entertaining for all special occasions. Our creations are very attractive and stylish for any event.

What Types of Cakes?

Cakes in Colorado Springs are available in many forms. These include traditional coconut, almond, carrot, chocolate and white flavors. We also have German chocolate, strawberry and red velvet cakes for sale. These cakes are designed in many forms and can be shaped in any way you see fit. These include some cakes that can be prepared with some attractive styles all the way around to create a unique look custom created to fit your special occasion.

Best Cupcakes

Cupcakes are more than just smaller treats to serve at special events. They are also intricate works of art in their own right. Each individual cupcake you see is made with extreme care. We proudly offer the best cupcakes in Colorado Springs with carrot, coconut, lemon and strawberry flavors among many others. These include great flavors in not only the batter but also the icing. In fact, when you look at just how intricate the icing features on each cupcake can be, you will notice effort that goes into each cupcake.

Fillings can be added into these cupcakes too. This works with special features where a small opening on the inside of each cupcake is used to fill it in with a special flavor. You can get a mocha, salted caramel, Bavarian cream or chocolate ganache flavor added to your cupcakes. Fresh fruits can be added on the inside as well although they do require a bit of extra effort and cost.

Pies Are Always Great

Not all people are in the mood for cake. That’s fine as there are plenty of alternatives for the best desserts in Colorado Springs. Pies are always great to have and we offer great styles that are intriguing and delicious.

Pies are made with homemade crusts and are always filled with made from scratch items. These include fresh cherry, apple or peach fillings among other fruity options. These are often topped with fresh fruit slices and cream depending on what you order.
Pecan pie is a very popular option also. This works with butter, eggs and pecans. The pecans are cut up and spread all throughout the filling to create a truly enjoyable traditional pie, just like what you would enjoy in the American South.

Don’t Forget Cookies

Cookies are popular for how they come in many flavors and include great textures. They are much easier to carry around than most other desserts too. Our cookies include sugar cookies that are available in various great patterns. We can create unique icing textures on each sugar cookie or even special shapes to produce cookies that are unlike anything else you might find.

Oatmeal, chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies are available too. Each is mixed with great spices, chips or other items to add to their tones. You will enjoy eating one of these cookies thanks to the many attractive tones and features you will find in each cookie. The features that come with each one certainly stands out and is sure to please.

Other Great Desserts Are Available

Look for other appealing specialties when finding great foods for special occasions. These include such popular specialties like turnovers, strudel, cheesecakes, macaroons and mini tarts.

All of these are designed with fresh ingredients. Everything can be topped with different items too. Our cheesecake can be topped with special fruit ingredients. Macaroons can be made with various spices to go along with the coconut that makes these important. You might be surprised at the variety of things you can get when looking for attractive desserts of desire.
Check out the great desserts that we have to offer when looking for exquisite desserts in Colorado Springs. We proudly offer only the best desserts for special events all around the region. See what we have and you will notice just how many great options are available for your desires.

If you are looking for the Best Dessert in Colorado Springs, then Icing On The Cake is the perfect match any dessert you may desire.

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