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You might be asking yourself, “I need to find the best cake shop near me Colorado Springs residents can trust in. But what’s the right option?” Well, you can consider Icing on the Cake as a great place for your cake shop needs. Our services here at Colorado Springs are designed with not only great cakes but also many appealing designs and flavors you will love to have at your next major event.
Icing on the Cake has grown to be one of the best options for a cake shop in Colorado Springs that you can trust. The services offered by us at Icing on the Cake will help you get a quality cake ready for any occasion.
But what makes us so popular for your needs? When you contact us at Icing on the Cake, you will get help from talented bakers who know all the ins and outs of producing a quality cake that you are bound to love.

Creative Cake Designs

One reason why Icing on the Cake is a great place to visit when comparing cake shop near me options comes from the designs we offer. We are very creative when it comes to producing intriguing cakes with outstanding designs and layouts that you are bound to love.

We can work with not only traditional designs but also with fancy high-end layouts. These include designs that feature not only standard rectangular or circular designs but also ones with fancy shapes. We can produce strong cake molds for any shape you want to work with. We can handle many tiers with different flavors around a cake too.

You can ask for a cake to be made in a special shape for a particular event or to reflect someone’s interests or line of work. A construction site manager could get a birthday cake shaped to look like a large earth-moving tractor, for instance.
You can even get a massive wedding cake ready through us. We can handle as many tiers as needed while also using an elaborate layout for how the cake is shaped and laid out. You will love how well we can work towards producing an outstanding cake you will want to have available for any special event.

Great Cake Flavors

We can also work with appealing flavors that you will love to serve to people at your event. There are many exciting flavors to choose from including more than just the traditional white, chocolate and carrot flavors you can find. You can also get strawberry, coconut, lemon, almond and marble flavors among others. These cakes can be organized with many flavors in mind with each tier having its own individual flavor. You will enjoy serving one of these cakes at an event thanks to how versatile and unique it can be in any event.

More Than Just Cakes

While you can trust us for your needs when finding a cake shop near you, there are many other types of desserts you can get through us. We not only offer traditional cakes but also smaller cupcakes that can be made with the same flavors that we use for regular cakes. You can also order pies and cookies from us. We focus on making quality pastries with the flakiest and more appealing ingredients possible. These include all the great fruit and nut tones you might be interested in.

You can get some additional pastries and specialty items from us too. You can order a quality series of turnovers, cream puffs, cheesecakes and even cream cheese mints for your needs. Anything that could make a special party or other event more worthwhile and fun will surely be something to look forward to having at an event.

We can even get these items ready in any quantity you see fit. Just let us know how many people you expect to have at your special occasion and we will figure out a plan for what to make. We concentrate on producing quality products that are plentiful and offer enough for anyone to enjoy having for a special occasion.

See what we at Icing on the Cake have to offer for you. You will love how our cakes can create something memorable and outstanding for any occasion. You can trust us when looking for a cake shop near me option in Colorado Springs.

Please contact us at:

​​​​719-633-5151 ​
e-mail us at:
​15 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, Co
Sunday and Monday Closed
Tuesday - Friday - 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday - 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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