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Baby Shower Cakes Colorado Springs

Are you one of those parents who cannot wait for their new born and already planning a beautiful party to embrace this new beginning? The perfect start to this new beginning comes in form of a beautiful baby shower cake which comes with a sense of fun and excitement. This traditional ceremony was celebrated for all the first new born babies but in today's world, baby showers are celebrated for all the successive children. Let us take a close look at all the factors which would help you in choosing the best baby shower cake for your grand celebration.

What Are Baby Shower Cakes?

Baby shower cakes are also known as infant cakes which are full of gifts like baby socks, bottles, toys and bibs. These cakes mark the traditional celebration of welcoming the new born and blessing him/her with good luck and prosperity. All these cakes are specially designed to suit the occasion and can come in wide variety of options to add an extra element of surprise to the occasion. 
Baby Shower Cake Colorado Springs Theme
Many parents have a theme planned for the big day which runs straight from the pregnancy till the day baby is born. You can go with the same theme and implement it to give a perfect design to your baby shower cake. Most famous themes include comics, cartoon series, movie based cakes and superhero character based designs. A well-planned cake will surely impress all the guests and would add that extra shimmer to the occasion.

Baby Shower Cake Colorado Springs Size

Baby shower cakes are often small in size unless or until you have a long guest list. These cakes are designed often in shape of baby booties, baby bottles, fairies, nursery rhymes and cartoons to make them adorable and cute. A two-tier cake can easily serve up to 40 guests while if you chose to go with a stacked cake, then you need to have a discussion with the baker about the right size depending on the type of filling and cake. 

Baby Shower Autograph Cake 

Another recent trend related to baby shower cakes is an autograph cake which is ideal for making your grand day a memorable one. These cakes are full of flavor and are covered in thick layer of icing on which each guest sign their name and leave best wishes for the baby. You can take a photo of the cake after all the guests are done signing the cake and keep it safe for cherishing the memorable day. 

Baby Shower Cake Colorado Springs Right Flavors 

The next step is to choose the right flavor for your cake to go with your party menu. Baby shower cakes are often offered in standard classic flavors but we here at Icing on the Cake, Colorado Springs provide our customers with wide variety of flavors to choose from. One can go with the red velvet cake, vanilla cherry delight or the all-time favorite butterscotch to add sweetness to the occasion. Another factor to keep in mind is that you should ask your baker for a free tasting round to get familiar with all the flavors offered and explore new options instead of limiting yourself with classic ones. 

Baby Shower Cake Colorado Springs Icing

The key aspect of having a perfect baby shower cake in Colorado Springs lies in the type and flavor of icing you chose for the cake. The icing is available in wide variety of flavors like coco, butter, toffee, almond, vanilla and classic strawberry. Another important factor to keep in mind is the weather which can play a key role in deciding the type of icing on the cake. In most cases, the butter cream or normal vanilla icing would melt while a fondant would hold good and provide a smooth texture to the cake and better options to the baker for shaping the cake. The baby shower cake is the most important element of your baby shower ceremony which will add fun and excitement to the event. Some parents choose baby bibs, bottles, cartoon themes while some go with non-edible cakes like baby bum and diapers which are more of a showpiece. If you are planning for your baby shower cake, then Icing on The Cake is the perfect destination for your Baby Shower Cake Colorado Springs.

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